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Claims Post 2

Welcome to the claims page! :D Please make a comment here to claim your subject.

Please fill out the following form:
Subject: (characters, general series)
Fandom: (series name)
Category: (anime, movies, actors, etc.)
Song and Artist:
Set: (if applicable)

Anime/Manga Characters (i.e. Sakura and Syaoran, Mokona, etc.)
Anime/Manga General Series (i.e. Fruits Basket, Chobits, etc.)
Anime/Manga Other (i.e. scenery, clothing, etc.)
Other (i.e. orchids, African animals, etc.)
People/Movies (i.e. Tom Cruise, Avril Lavigne, Harry Potter, Lion King, etc.)
TV Shows (i.e. Spongebob, Hannah Montana, Grey's Anatomy, etc.)
Video Games (i.e. Final Fantasy, Tales of ..., etc.)

Sets: You may choose from one of the following below or you may choose to not do a set in which you would just put "n/a" on your claim. :D
Sakura (Love Set) Kamui (Emotions Set) chii (weather Set) Yuuko (Elements Set)
01. Hugs
02. Kiss
03. Together
04. Red
05. Comfort
06.-10. Member Choice
01. Tears
02. Smile
03. Anger
04. Shy
05. Scared
06.-10. Member Choice
01. Sunshine
02. Rain
03. Snow
04. Rainbow
05. Clouds
06.-10. Member Choice
01. Fire
02. Water / Ice
03. Earth
04. Air
05. Spirit
06.-10. Member Choice
Mokona (Mokona Set) Watanuki (Everchanging Set)
Previous Month
Watanuki (Everchanging Set)
Current Month
Hikaru (Evolved Set)
01. Mischief
02. Hungry
03. Magical
04. Playful
05. Silly
06.-10. Member Choice
August Set:
01. Light
02. Dark
03. School/Work
04. Sky
05. Plants
06.-10. Member Choice
March Set:
01. Dancing
02. Use or meaning of "ZOMG!"
03. Sad
04. Happy
05. Non-100x100
06.-10. Member Choice
1 set of lyrics song
1 subject
25 member's choice icons
1 Month
No repeated lines.

**Only one icon can be fanart of your chosen fandom. Any fanart is fine. Draw it yourself, find it online, whatever. If you use someone else's fanart credit them.
*Watanuki sets are ONLY for the current month. If you do a Watanuki set, you must do the set in which you make your claim. [i.e. If you claim your set on November 21, 2007, but don't complete it until December 4, 2007. You must still do the November Watanuki Set.] Although time travel would be awesome, you may NOT go back and do months that have already passed. :D

Members may only have 2 consecutive claims at any one time.
All sets are due within 14 days of your claim comment.
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